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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Interview with Shashank Misra (CSE - 06 All India 5 thRank )

Q1. What were the basic mantras of your success?
My basic mantrs was- having full faith in my potential, my single minded devotion to this exam forgeting evev to take bath for days.A necessary one hour walk everyday for relaxation and self boost up. A regular support of god and my family memebers and friends was indespensible. I made comprehensive coverage of optional in mains.

Q2. When did u start preparation for the IAS examination? When should one begin ideally thinking for this exam?
My preparation started right after graduation in 2004 with my first attempt at pre in 2005 may.
Ideally one should begin thinking for this exam in or right afer graduation but it should be one year before prelims(1st)

Q3. How did you start for the IAS examination?
I started my preparation after having the idea of requirement of this exam from few selected or in preparation candidates who are close and genuine. I completed my 1st optional on my own since march 2004. For 2nd optional I joinrd Vajiram and Ravi. In parallel I completedbasic material for GS on my own and finally joined GS at Vajiram and Ravi in Oct 2004.

Q4. What were your optionals? What were the basis of selecting these optionals?
My optionals were Physics and Psychology. In physics I had general interest right since 12th and JEE of IIT and one of my background subject at IIT. Psychology I chose because of availability of study material, content of the subject being scientific and a good performance of optional.

Q5. Did you integrate your prelims or mains preparations or was it separate?
Prelims and mains were heavily integrated. In physics covering mains 1st gives hge edge in prelims in not only developing fundamentals but also covering almost 80% syllabus.
In GS prelims somewhat eased burden of GS in mains.

Q6. Did you prepare notes? How helpful are the notes? What is your advice on notes making?
Heavily relied on notes. Notes were the life for civil services perparation for me. For me, I felt note making was extremely important on every small topic. However, others if they feel they can may also do without notes.

Q7. Did you attend any coaching institute? How helpful are the coaching institutes? What is your overall opinion about the coaching institutes?
I attended Vajiram and Ravi for GS and Psychology. Ramaswamy's for essay and D.I.A.S. for Physics test series. Coaching institutes are not necessary but they help u ease your burden and give us direction in this exam. Besides helping us analyze where we fail. But coaching institutes be chosen with exterme care.

Q8. What was your style of writing in exams ? How was it didtinct from the general writing style? How did you develop this writing style?
MY writing style was more precise, to hte point, examples inclusive, a free flow of writing. I developed it with regular answer writing during time between prelims and mains with one answer each day for 60 days.

Q9. How helpful is one's background in his\her sucess?
Background may help in easy choice of optional, developing self confidence and providing a good climate of friends to interact besides bulding overall personalities.

Q10. How did you repare for interview?
I joined Sankalp AND Vajiram and Ravi for interview. Besides tips on sites like 3,in magazineslike CSC. Besides self analysis,biodata analysis and collection of all relevant information related to them. Also regular reading newspapers. Also mock test helped a lot.

Q11. Which type of questions were asked in intervew? Did you answered all?
Questions asked were-Why did i chose CS? What if I'm pressurised by politician? What if I'm transferred? Was the assignment level in IIT mamageable? Questions related to power sector and reforms? What is suerconductivity and it's deep facts? My view on banning of internet in IIT? My opinion on Optimism about India's future? My hobbies-What do I like to sing and few Questions on guitar.

Q12. Whom do you credit your success?
Almighty,my family- father (expd.), my mother sister and brother, my almst brother Anshu Pandey- a civil servant, my friend Rajiv Tewari and my IIT friends besides my hardwork and coaching institutes i attended.
What is your advice to the freshrs who are going to appearfor this exam ?
Maintain your confidence and calm during the exam. Never to be bpogged down by failure. Choose optionals ad coaching institutes with extreme care. Be fully devoted.

books for physics-classical mech-Gupta kr. Sharma
Relativity-no standard text
Waves-Ghatak B.S. Agarwal
optics-Ghatak B.S. Agarwal
Thermo-Satyaprakash and BANSAL
Atomic and Molecular-Raj Kumar
Solid state-Kittel
Electronics-Milliman halkias
Psychology -Vajiram and Ravi notes and Baron and NCERT

All India Radio : 05
Name: Shashank Misra
Date of Birth: 16-03-1983
Father's name and occupation: (Late) Mr.Bhrigu Nath Misra
Mother's name and occupation: Mrs. Sarla Misra- Govt. service
Brother's \ Sister's name and occupation :
.- Prashant Misra-BA(Hons) Pol. Sci., DU doing
Sister.- Nisha Misra- M.Phil zoology, DU- pursuing

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